This mainly falls into the corporate portrait category and doesn’t mean boring. It can be surprising refreshing and if what you sell is “you”, then it’s important to have an up to date, photograph of yourself.

Providing one off shoots to individuals to large companies, covering insurance, estate agents, recruitment businesses, service sectors, and basically any business where they wouldn’t automatically get chance to introduce themselves and customers first port of call may come from – About pages, newsletter, LinkedIn profiles, twitters accounts and even business cards. We provide photographic services either in our studio, if you would like the plain background style or what is also popular the on location style shoot, with staff members at desks or key locations within your premises.

This is a very important direction to go if you deal with people regular and would like to break away from the cheesy Stock library style “meet the Team” photograph.. In this day and age customers want to see who they are going to be in touch with, it both gives you an individual edge, and customers are more likely to contact you than some faceless organisation. Are prices are competitive, and always include the images in both high-res and lowres.
We can provide discount packages if you want to photograph a whole team, and also top-up services for new staff members as they join your company. “we can even have experience in dealing with the ones that don’t want to have their picture taken”