Digital Photography editing Services

Over the years this sector of photography has become more and more important for supplying extra services. Yes there are a lot of bad edits out there, but done right can make a lot of difference to how that selling image can work for your company.

The commercial world this doesn’t mean you have to create something fake to mislead customers its more about enhancing the original image, which can be down to simple things like the wrong location, not enough budget to shoot items elsewhere, changes in design of the products being sold.
One or all of this elements can be the reason image editing is required. And in most cases re-photographing items is not an option, 1.again budget, but mainly the logistics of creating the shoot again.
With this in mind here at DB Photo, we have been editing images for over 10 years at a fraction of the cost of new shoots. This is worked by not using CGI but real photographic elements to help build or tweak the existing image.
One example on the right, is of a rattan furniture set, when on location in the summer, the heat had drained the water in the lake and reviled the weeds, which was not very appealing! so instead of £1000 room hire, logistical costs of shipping the furniture and the hire of a photographer, all coming in at around £3500. the editing was processed for £600 and in a lot less time. Let alone making sure the sun was out!