Being a Photographer of food is always interesting, and usually leaves you hungry! We can cater for location based photography at working premises and when a chef is quiet, and we also provide studio based advertising food photography, used mainly for POS and packaging.

This is obviously a more set-up and controlled environment. But the end result is always the same, selling mouth-watering dishes.

The heart of enticing people through your doors in restaurant, hotel, pubs is showing what you have to offer, Having good quality photographs of your food and seasonal menu is the difference between customers deciding to come to you or not. And if a competitor is using professional images and you do not, your potential clientèle is going to use them. We at DB Photo understand completely how imperative it is for you to stand out from the crowd, and to show your individuality as a trade. The essence is your atmosphere your starters, mains and desserts and in many cases some specials. Having a photographer taking images of your entire menu isn’t required; it’s more about highlights key features and colourful and interesting foods