About Me

Hi, I am Daniel Buxton, the man behind the lens. I started DB Photo 13 years ago. Unlike many other professional photographers, I pursued my career in photography after gaining a 1st class honours in a Bachelor of Arts in Photography. Photography is not just about pointing a camera and taking a picture. It’s about understanding what visually makes a good photo and seeing something that other people don’t see.

I find creative advertising media a powerful and evoking industry and feel it is my duty to help businesses to achieve the best of their potential visually. My clients are anyone who has a product or service to sell, who want to take the visual aspect to the next level. It’s my duty to listen and understand who my clients are and what they want, with the aim of building long term relationships with businesses large and small to make them say “we are the best”. Every business is in partnership with its suppliers. When you succeed so do they.

Sometimes good is good enough, but not for DB Photo. My level of good is what most photographers would say is their best. DB Photo was the official photographer of the Staffordshire Hoard. I have an extensive portfolio and experience in photographing a wide range of products in a variety of settings.

DB Photo is a “One stop shop”. You don’t need to go anywhere else for your visual media as our service includes the photography and any editing to make sure that image is print/web ready in any format you require. (List from Daniel of the products services (image services etc)). We can also use digital manipulation where possible to minimise unnecessary capital spend of clients. This can mean reduction in the cost of show room set ups or location shoots.

Being a technology based company. The products and services are designed to make the initial high quality service a client requires, but also to deliver it to them as fast as technology will allow to do so, adapting and changing as technology develops.

DB Photo offers a personable approachable reactive service. We succeed when you do.

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Daniel Buxton Photography & Digital Media Ltd
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Telephone Stratford upon Avon: 01789 549789
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